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OriginsInfo has created a suite of product and services which enable an organisation to better understand the cultural, ethnic and linguistic origins of its users, customers, clients and employees.

  • Desktop Workstation Application

  • Real time API

  • Scheduled Batch Jobs

At the heart of these products and services lies the Origins classification system.

Who uses OriginsInfo technology?

When an organisation chooses to use OriginsInfo technology it is because it is looking for hard evidence of how the take up of their products and services differs from one minority group to another.

Why do they use OriginsInfo technology to do this?


Organisations use OriginsInfo technology because its provides more comprehensive, granular and up to date information on ethnicity than can be obtained from other sources such as survey questionnaires or the 2011 census.

How does OriginsInfo technology deliver these insights?


OriginsInfo delivers these insights using a proprietary algorithm which compares the personal and family names on a user’s administrative file with the ethnic, religious and cultural origin of 5,000,000 personal and family names from around the world.

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