OriginsInfo Ltd was founded in 2004.  Its joint managing directors are Richard Webber, originator of the Acorn and Mosaic postcode classifications systems, and Andrew Webber, a former Microsoft employee.

The company’s mission is to improve organisational awareness of how differently their products and services are used by people from different cultural backgrounds.

Central to our technology is Origins.  This database associates some 4 million surnames and some 800,000 personal names with their ethnic, religious and linguistic background. 


Users match customer files against this database to identify groups that are over- or under-represented compared with the size of that community nationally or locally.

The Challenge

In an increasingly diverse world, organisations, both public and private, are understandably concerned to ensure they engage effectively with members of different minority communities, whether as customers, service users, employees of suppliers.

Their motivations may be compliant, a sense of corporate responsibility or purely commercial – to ensure they do not miss out on the benefits of the skills and spending power of different minority groups.

Historically such concerns have been reflected in well intended policies, the impact of which it has unfortunately been impossible to monitor.


The mission of OriginsInfo is to provide organisations with the ability to infer a person’s cultural identity from his or her name and therefore with the ability to track in detail and in real time differences in the manner in which different communities engage with them.


OriginsInfo.Ltd licences different distributors for different markets.  Our UK distributor is Webber Phillips


Other distributors service North America and Australia. Contact us to find out more. 

Our Team
Richard Webber, Managing Director

Email: richardwebber@originsinfo.eu 

Phone: 0208 340 3034

Andrew Webber, Managing Director


Email: andrewwebber@originsinfo.eu

Richard is the originator of the postcode classification systems Acorn and Mosaic, and is a former Director of Experian.  He is a visiting professor at the University of Newcastle and a fellow of the Market Research Society and the Institute of Direct Marketing. Richard leads on analysis for Origins Info.

CTO and Unicorn Engineer; Cloud, Mobile, Web and Desktop



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